razor chopper mod

i got this razor chopper about 8 months ago for my kids for pretty cheap. it originaly had an electric motor but the previous owner put a zooma 2 cycle motor on it. the only problem is, is that the kids melt there pants on the exhaust when they ride it cause of the rear tire sitting so low to the ground. so heres my plan: i have a small sting ray bycycle that my oldest son out grew, i'm going to chop the front half of that frame off. next i am gong to chop the rear end of the chopper fame off. then i will weld the two together making the chopper taller with a larger tire in front and back. basically i'm gonna breed the shwin sting ray and the razor chopper and come up with a mix breed! i will post pics as i go and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:
:thumbsup:sure will, i know the kids are gonna love it even more! maybe i will be able to ride it too!i think i may put a cutom header on it as well, and a different gas tank too
just like all my other projects this one got put on hold as well due to downsizing of my house. but things are up again so im gonna have pick this up were i left off. im thinking maybe putting this in the 2012 OldMiniBikes BBO. i would then have two projects going at once. anyone think that would be a kick :censure: idea?!?!?!?
Let us know how it rides, I have been sitting on one of them for almost 2 years now and have not started converting it. I do have a motor off a chinnese crotch bomb to put on it though.