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its a very early (1964/65) continental special. the "special" was a hardtail version. during 1965 they introduced the "Gran Prix" mag wheels onto the bikes so that the giveaway there that its one of the first ones, and that low number serial puts it in that timeframe as well. The interesting thing is the jackshaft mounts, Normally that frame would not have them, but I would say those are the tabs they used for the mounts/bottom part of the frame on the full suspension continentals at the time, hence the angle they are at, so thats pretty interesting, but at the same time you dont really see the specials or the econo-cycles much from 1964. I have seen an "econo-cycle" that used some earlier parts from the previous series Dart cycles so I would not rule out it coming that way or maybe coming from someone that worked for or with Rupp at the time.

here is the 1964 "special"

1964 rupp2 (2).jpg