If you’d like to drive up to the kamas area and look at a hundred or so gotes let me know.
I just may take you up on the offer. I believe the person my father got these four from actually took video of your warehouse and posted it. That is how I found him, was because I saw the video of all of the goats in a warehouse and asked him where he took the video. He is from moab, so I asked him if he might have known anyone who had these bikes, and it happened to be him. He told me that he had replaced one of the motors on one of them and gave me some more info on some other things, so I do know that it was the man my father got them from. He is the one that stated that he had spoke to one of the Bonham's sons about these bikes, and let me know what he was told.
So I have seen your bikes on video, but I would definitely be interested in seeing them in person as well. I will let you know if I happen to be up in that area at all and see if maybe you're available thank you