Tecumseh h70 oversized piston

joshua. c.

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I have a worn out h70 in need of a rebuild but cant find a piston. I need a 10 or 20 or 30 over oversized piston (new/un used), Not interested in a hole motor, shipping would cost to much.
Partstree.com website shows them in stock, however, I would advise calling them to check as some of these companies do not update their website inventory nearly as often as they should.. This is for the O/S piston, rings, and pin set. My search found these part numbers for the H70- best to double check the part numbers yourself before you order. What type of bike is that big juicy H70 going on?
Tecumseh 34518 - .010" $ 92.00
Tecumseh 34519 - .020" $ 98.00
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Its a points and condenser erra h70 with the aluminum flywheel. I plan to see if my tecumseh star billet rod fits and pull the govenore port it ad a cam and springs add a 24mm flatslide carb and a header. It will be a beast when I'm threw. I would also like to find one of those thinner billet side covers I have seen on h50 racing motors that reduce the motors width a bit but I dont know anyone selling one.

I'll try partstree and see if they have it. As far as ebay I didn't have parts numbers so I could only search under h70 10 or 20 over piston and under those serches no results.