"The Official Cool Vintage Mowers, Tractors & Power Equipment Thread"

Was driving past my buddy's old gas station yesterday and spotted this gem in the parking lot:

He bought this edger when it was brand new.... who knows 30+ years ago ? :shrug:

Like everything else he owns it was kept in pristine condition. This guy owns a '66 Vette he bought in '66 (bank repo). He's driven it for 48 years it looks like new. When the original water pump wore out, he rebuilt it...generator went...replaced the brushes and bearings...still has all the ignition noise suppression shields on that everybody threw out..100% original time capsule.

Anyway he dug edger out of his garage and was giving it to his daughter who just bought a house with 300' of sidewalk.

For some reason he felt she deserved it more than I did for one of my mini bikes :glare:
Picked up this cool little guy earlier this summer. It's a Rugg, has a 4HP Briggs and a 3 speed gearbox. Apparently they cruise pretty good in 3rd gear:blink:

This just went through e-bay I tried to make a deal on it for the engine, he was not interested in splitting the unit apart.
The sheet metal around the engine is what caught my eye.
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I will have to get some pictures of it, but my neighbor has this tiny little vintage lawn tractor and it is cool! It looks like an old Huffy, but is some other brand. Actually, I think it say AMC on the front grill part. (the grill is not actually a grill, but just painted on "vents")
I posted this in the off topic section, but now see that it should have gone here, instead.

Two weekends ago my buddy and I went down to Antique Powerland in Brooks, Ore., for their Steam-Up event. What a time that was. We saw all sorts of great power equipment, from giant old steam tractors to vintage lawnmowers and everything in between. They had a steam-driven ice cream machine! There was a miniature railway that we rode on and a miniature logging operation. It was too much to see in a single day. We'll plan better for the next visit. I could live at this place.

Antique Powerland

The Steam-Up had tons of neat old mowers and small tractors, etc. My buddy and I walked past one row of old lawnmowers and this Lawn-Boy Quietflite looked really familiar. When I got home I flipped through the stack of old magazines in my bathroom and found an ad for it in the May, 1959 issue of Popular Mechanics.