Tri Rod belt help needed

Hi all , My drive belt is really stretched. Anyone know where I can get a new one ? Part number ? Other than that , it is rides surprisingly good ! Thanks



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There are 2 ways to tighten the belt. (1) You can move the engine back . (2) At the bottom of the jack shaft is where you tighten the chain. But it will change the belt tension too. I have a metal flake blue one like that and have a 18hp duro max to go on it. My engine was gone when I bought it so I put a 10hp Tech . My son on mine and I have the ski too.


Nice Trike! I've got a red one just like it! MustangFrank got it right up above. That's how I got the belt for the 40-series TAV that I put on mine. I've got the 18HP Duromax on mine, though.
Hey , Thanks for the replies. My 'instant email notification' must not be working. I should have some time to work on this now. Thanks again !!