Trouble finding a replacement shock for Massimo MB200 Warrior

I was riding Sunday in a field of tall grass. There must've been a low area in the land that I couldn't see because my front tire went down and I flew off. Fortunately I fell into soft grass. I picked my bike up and the handlebars were crooked. I got home to see that my driver's side fork/shock is bent. I've spent hours trying to find a replacement. It seems that due to a past lawsuit with Baja there aren't many options. I've been looking on ebay and amazon as well. ebay has a shock for a Coleman EX200 but it's only 25" long. My shock is 28.5" long. If I have to buy a pair of them so be it. Does anybody have any suggestions or know of parts that will fit? Tomorrow I'll try bringing my shock to work and see if the guy in maintenance can straighten it for me. It not bent horribly, probably only back an inch or so. Thanks guys.
Yup, already been to that website. They don't have any shocks which is why I'm here. I wasn't joking when I said I spent hours researching my options.