what the...!

hi james ...they said you would be asking me that! im prob. going to try and restore to ride my 2 little ones around on it. i know ...such a menial task and fate for such a classic machine. so ill be looking for the clutch cover head light taillight and im still torn on leaving the 5hp briggs or paying through the nose for a correct hs40 w/light coil. they said you might have lead on some parts?
yeah scottesey i just saw it and it is sweet .too bad mine is not in that original shape.it needs plenty of pieces and work.i wonder if the Ca. boys plan on having a get together this year...id like to get a look at some of the powells up close to see what i need to do. ps i pm you back.

james c

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the tail light is pretty easy to find, the side cover can be bought from robert bruce, the headlight is something i havent bought as i never had a lighting coil in mine, you can get the brake light switch from robert bruce. i put a clone in mine and runs great.