Here is the start of my project. I have an MBX10 Roller from Motovox. I'm still working on the design in me head, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do. The motor that I have is Predator 212. I'm about to start the engine build as soon as my Mamba Jr. cam comes in.

I received my PMR Motor Mount. This thing is awesome. It blows away the POS mount that I first tried from GTC. I also have most of the engine parts needed for the build up of the motor. Only thing that I'm waiting on now is my order from Tim at Small Engine Cams.
Here is a couple of shots with the new exhaust test fitted. I tore down the motor lastnight for the build up. I was surprised that the cylinder bore was perfect and the Wiesco ring gap was at .004 exactly.


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you would be much happier if you went down to a smaller rear sprocket like a 64tooth or 65. so you don't reach your top end to quickly :thumbsup:.
Motovox shipped out my hydraulic mbx11 front end today. So that should smooth out the ride. I plan on finishing up the any metal work this weekend and tear everything down for powder coating on Monday.

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They are selling them now. They are supposed to be listed on their site this week for order. Check out their facebook page for the guys number to call if you want one. All the info is in my post Chris Bratton

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Almost done with the motor. The head needed some serious work. I had to recut the seats. Had to grind and polish the chamber because it had 6 casting ridges that were .02 tall. This must have been what I call a "Friday Afternoon" job. Looks like it was removed from the cast and then assembled. It still had mold release on it.:hammer: Took about 1 1/2 to get it the way I wanted it. Valves lapped to .09mm Block is done except for the adjustable timing kit.