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  • I-hav-some-powell-stuff-5-bikes-afew-parts-and20-25-other-minis-carsoncity-not-far-from-sac-friend-me
    Would you happen to have a pully
    Hey Mike its mike on the next block. My phone had to be reset cause it was glitching and i lost all of my contacts. Do you mind if i got your number again? Just send me a text when you get this message. I'm trying to get as many of my contacts back as i can. Thanks!!!
    I joined the Brotherhood 's Bonanza and Powell in hope's of getting help for project's that i have? So I when post member's already know what I have? but hasn't worked that well so far! Check the OldMiniBikes for parts they are a lot cheaper. My local mower shop wants almost double the price for the same clutch! I have 5 Bonanza's project's I'm trying to find parts for . I also need two swing arms! Make sure you measure between the jackshaft mount's because there are two different width swingarms!
    Hello 6Doggie3. Thank you for inviting me to be a friend. I live in Rocklin, and work in Orangevale, and there doesn't seem to be much going on in the mini bike world. The only thing I have bought locally was a clutch at Citrus Heights Mower Shop.

    What is the Bonanza Brotherhood all about? Obviously all things Bonanza, but what kind of membership stuff happens? Is there a secret handshake? Cool, unique hats? Do you have to do something like piss in a bottle from forty feet? Look at nude pictures of Whoopi Goldberg? Alright, a serious question: Has it been a good source of info or parts for you?
    Thank's for watching out for me! I do have 2 frame's already but just not complete and need some welding done?
    I know you said you were looking for a Bonanza BC1300, this one is missing a lot of parts but a frame was just posted on Craigslist.
    70s Bonanza Full Suspenstion mini bike Frame
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