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  • Hi,
    My name is Brett.
    I noticed you have a climber also.
    I have been restoring a climber with my son and am trying to reassemble it. I am having a difficult time with the rear axle assembly. There are so many pieces and parts washers and spacers and I am not sure of the order to put it back together.
    Do you know of any literature diagrams or possible have any pictures or info that might help with mine?
    I've been on this project for a year and my son who is 9 is really anxious(as am I) to get it moving.
    Sincerely - Brett
    Hi, I am in need of an exhaust nipple for an arctic cat climber exhaust. I have the exhaust pipe and bought a nipple on ebay but it is to large. Do you have this part?
    Hi wbesack,simple tom thought you might have an exhuast pipe for an arctic cat climber.I just bought a climber that needs one.Thanks Ray
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