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    AZUSA style 5 spoke wheel help!

    Found it!!!
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    AZUSA style 5 spoke wheel help!

    Tab-Loc Wheels. I have one, but I'm not sure what bikes they originally came on. I think I saved an ad I found on here, if I find it I'll post it.:)
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    Taco Super Trail 100!!!

    Update. I took the seat apart and cut some stiffer foam. I decided to use a Gemini SST 80 front fender on the rear, and drilled out the swingarm pivot holes to use some bronze bushings. The exhaust header I made for this one won't work with the rear fender, so I'll come up with something different.
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    1969 Taco 44 Magnum

    I see what you're doing there!!! I've thought about doing that with my '69 taco 99 and extra set of Gemini SST 50 forks, and extra wheels for my ST100. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!!! :)
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    Throttle Hook Up

    This is one I made a few years ago out of a predator throttle kit and a briggs 5hp govenor linkage arm drilled out a bit. You could probably buy everything you need for this at the hardware store instead of using the parts I did. I did eventually put a return spring from the center piece around...
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco St100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    Steens Taco ST100
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    IRS sale... Briggs, Big Block clone parts.

    Interested in the raptor carb. sending pm now.:)