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    Original Doodlebug 2.8HP Motor

    It is in good shape. haven't had it running for some time but I'll get it cranked up before selling it to prove to you it does run. Gas tank is included. Looking for $50 and located in Cypress, TX. Hesitant to ship just based on weight and size but if you would like me to you can cover the...
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    ProMod Jackshaft

    I have a ProMod jackshaft connected to my original Doodle Bug engine sitting in the garage. I'd let it go (Engine and jackshaft) for $100. Located in Cypress, Texas. Wife let me buy a motorcycle on the condition I sell the mini bike & parts so I have to get it out of the garage. :(
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    Doodlebug w/ 6.5HP Honda Clone

    Located in Cypress, Texas. Looking for $350.00 I have the hydraulic brake on the bike as well instead of the cable brake. I'll get some pictures up when I get home and can take a few. If you want some pictures and are interested, just PM me and I'll get them up ASAP. I also have the...
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    DoodleBug Performance Jackshaft

    I put one on a while back but then went ahead and swapped the engine anyway....check the sales thread if you want a used one.
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    Honda/Clone 5.5 and 6.5 hp Bolt size and torque specs

    I've been looking for these for a while...many thanks
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    Doodlebug 6.5 engine swap kit

    Done and done.....I bought a garden cart from them last week and saw the DB30....thats when they let lose of the little price secret so I printed out the page and brought it up there. Just finished putting together my DB30 and I have to say it's well underpowered. Waiting to hear from cjtmini...
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    Doodlebug 6.5 engine swap kit

    Also, what is a good engine to get for the conversion? I've seen some people mention Lifan engines? Just looking for the best options
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    Doodlebug 6.5 engine swap kit

    I'm looking at getting a DB30 from Northern Tool and doing the 6.5hp conversion. Any tips, comments, concerns?