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  • Hey Bryan-
    We emailed about the Dirt Squirt in CO that I was looking for my wife, found a few leads on some and a complete chrome tank squirt for a 500$. Will let you know how it works out.
    What's your email to send you a few picts?

    If you want!

    Thanks Jim
    Im not sure what to do now to find more info on red mini but it still has org paint just cant find any picture of any other mini that looks like
    still looking for in fo on the little red mini bike tele scope front end little round gas tank mounted below front frame inter brakes I have it up and running it also has jack shaft
    hey found out one of my projects is a the cat muskin model 350ss-a mg by HPE muskin colton Cal I belive model Nuber is R3002 ihav the hole bike org paint missing seat and rear fender but still a great find
    the other one i got is yellow front fender has factory strips single spring on front end crome plate in front of seat with kill switch and the word THE CAT on the side of engine where pull handle is it says john deere 4 inch wheels with internal brakes the engine appears to be froze up it does look like tecum 3.5 not sure yet but both frames are in great shape
    hey guys I picked up my two new additions one of them is red with short round gas tank under front of frame it has teleascope front end front and rear fenders kick sand internal brake on rear wheel no motor seat was half gone front pegs have flat metal on top i have not seen one like this in any ones pics but i have started restoring it all ready
    What year did the Pepsi Bonanza Minibike giveaway happen and which model was it.
    How do you create more posts so your able to ask questions about sale items? I'm new here and don't understand.
    Hey everyone Its Bonanza Bryan. I'm new just getting the hang of things. Will be posting some pictures soon.
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