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  • Hi,
    I was just looking aroung the internet this morning when I came across your post from last year about a Rotax 185. I am actually rebuilding the original ultralight that that engine was used for. It called a Lazair and it was a twin engine.
    Anyway, I wonder if you still have that engine. I would be interested in buying it from you. I already have 2 engines and what I would really like to buy is the belt drive on your engine. That belt drive allows me to swing a bigger, more efficient prop. I would love to be able to copy yours and make 2 more. Hell, I'll even rent it from you for a week and give it back.
    What do you think?
    Joshua G
    Hey Brad, I called and left a message, and came by Saturday. I figured you were riding bikes. I need some pics of the throttle linkage down by the carb and the base of the engine. If you could send a pic that would be great. I can come by when you are available also. Thanks
    sure. Let me know whens good for you. I work 3pm to midnight sun-thurs. Anytime before that or on weekends works for me!
    I saw one of your MTD pics and noticed the Carrollton dumpster in the back ground. I have an MTD that I'm having carb problems with. Would you be able to help? I'm in Carrollton. Thanks
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