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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

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    My Fuji Go-Devil on Craigslist

    Sold to me! Thanks again Kerry! I will post some updated pic's
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    Bonanza Chopper rear springs

    Thank You! I already bought them, chrismh
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    Lil Indian 4" mag wheels

    I am looking for 1 or 2 Lil Indian 4" mag wheels. Thanks for any help!
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    Looking for Parts for Fuji 53cc Go Devil carb.

    I am looking for a float and needle & seat for a Fuji Go Devil carb. Thanks for any help!
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    Fuel oil mix for 1963 Valmobile Folding Suitcase scooter?

    Better to be safe, Most older two stroke are 20:1, (Clinton, Go Devil, Power products) Better too much smoke and foul a plug than sqeek a piston!
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    Need help ID mini bike

    Scat Cat?
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    Clinton A400 engine mount

    Looking for an engine mount for a Clinton A400 two cycle engine. Thanks for any help. Chris
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    Clinton A 400 connecting rod

    Hello All, I am looking for a Clinton A 400 connecting rod. The part # is 2422-D. Thanks in advance! chrismh
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    Car Truck and Bike show 6-29-2019

    Car and Bike show At Pattison Sign Group at 108 Rowland ave. Heath Springs S.C. 29058. I am taking 10 mini bikes to show. 15.00 per vehicle to show, Free admission, Entertainment! Food available! Registration ends at 11:00 am Judging at 1:00pm All Proceeds to Benefit Toys For Tots! June 29, 19
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    Bonanza Chopper rear springs

    I am looking for a nice set of Bonanza Scout Chopper rear springs. Thanks!
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    Hemi 212cc Predator Increased Compression Clearances

    You may also buy a copper head gasket to your specs on ebay. This guy is great, Super fast service! also may want to consider cutting "eye brows" in the piston for valve clearance ( you may want to go with more cam later and may need the clearance) I have learned you can NOT have to much valve...
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    supercharger for someone with alot of room to work with!

    These are cool I have one of these set up for alky from a Kart I bought a while back. Have pic's on here.
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    Lil Indian Clutch cover decals

    Hey Joe! I would like to get a 7000 Decal please? Let me have your addy and I will send a check. Thank you, chrismh
  14. broncco seat

    broncco seat

  15. broncco seat 2

    broncco seat 2