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  • To the people who were reading my earlier post about me documenting my broken stud in my tillitson 212 hemi, today was the day i installed my studs. I didnt order them, i went down to my local hardware store and they had automotive studs there. I picked up 2 of them and i just installed them. Heres a video of me putting em in if anyone is interested.
    I have YouTube channel im working on thats all about mini bike and go karts as well as mods, tools, how to videos, maintence and more. Please help me out to get more subscribers and viewers.

    Thank you very much
    Workin on the coleman ct200u right now. Yesterday i added a secondary fuel tank to it to extend range. Then i cut my CVT cover to size installed it. I got caught in the rain so i figured i might as well put it on. I have a small youtube channel im working on right now called Garage Life. I do maintence tips, vlogs, restorations, modifications, installations and more. If any one is interested check it out.
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