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  • Congrats on the find. Nice father son project! There's a gote fest in Utah coming up, you should come if you can-
    I was looking for a gote because I had my gradpa's when I was a kid. My son is 10 and figured it would be a great project together. I ended up buying a bike site unseen, was told it was a tote -turned out to be a Boonie. It s cool -but would rather have a tote. I am willing to pay your asking price but would you have any interest in the Boonie?
    Thanks Doug
    Welcome to the site. There's a great deal of knowledge on this site.

    What do you need to know about it? I'm in Grand Rapids, I have all the gearing for it to switch it back to original. I dont have the original clutch, but a Comet primary TAV clutch will work as well. Nice solid bike, open to trades as well.
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