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  • This bike looks alot like a Trail Flite but the front forks are straight and not angled towards frame. Looks like some Rupps but rear tire sprocket in on the left using centrigul clutch and not a jack shaft. No consenses on make model or year. Where should i look for serial #? Thank you all
    I need help with make model and year of mini bike and all the fine folks that responded all tell me it this or that but no difenitive info. Can you help?
    Is there serial numbers on the frame somewhere that could assist me in getting a positive I.D. on this bike? I really would like to get the correct gas tank for it and i believe the rear wheel and tire are not the correct size. Thank you to all that have commented so far.
    [IMG] [IMG] Hi folks my name is Rick and i live in Florida. I have a bike i cannot identify and some who have tried to help said the following: Rupp, Speedway, Fox.
    I do not believe it is a Rupp from my limited picture research. It has after market gas tank and chain guard but runs fine with a 5hp Tecumseh, a little cold natured starting.
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