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    can't identify

    Thanks Tom , being here in Texas I have seen quite a few Tacos and although close in shape the axle mounts and left side kickstand, set it apart from all my Taco literature. I thought that maybe it was a well done "homebuilt as there are no numbers on it. I've never heard of a K&S Hornet nor...
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    can't identify

    Thanks for your response, wonder how early did they sell kits I really don't think this one ever had a motor installed plate is flawless
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    can't identify

    GOT THIS YESTERDAY HAVE LOOK ED TIL MY EYES HURT TRYING TO FIND ORIGIN. HAVE FORKS TOO NO MARKS OR STAMPS #ETCHED forward pegs piping on seat single loop top rail 5/8 axles scrub brake frame out of 1 inch tubing has general safety-rib 2 ply nylon 2.80/2.50-4 tires on it seems to have...
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    Hello from Texas, Jeff West

    Hello from coastal texas , I have been involved with two wheels and gasoline for fifty plus years discovered mini bikes at age eight and the thrill still ain't gone ...... I currently have a taco a doodlebug from the straight frame days and I just got a frame given to me that I can't identify...