Hello from Texas, Jeff West

Hello from coastal texas , I have been involved with two wheels and gasoline for fifty plus years discovered mini bikes at age eight and the thrill still ain't gone ...... I currently have a taco a doodlebug from the straight frame days and I just got a frame given to me that I can't identify . Have bought from OldMiniBikes and saw this forum and we'll the rest is this I will post pics of my Lil toys as I call them as soon as I can figure out how
I also ride a HD soft ail a Suzuki m 109r's a 56 pan and race in the AHDRA on a iron head based sportster in Jim Champion frame in the S/E class also have a thunder kart and a redneck lawnchair.

Ultra lite flight riding the back roads of the USA with my dog miss rubi fly fishing and little league baseball are some of my interests and of course racing close to the ground ........ if it's not WFO then your not racing
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Hello Jeff !

Welcome to the OldMiniBikes.

Sounds like you have a buncha cool toys !

There's a link around here about posting pics...once you figure it out, post 'em up.

Again, welcome to the fun !