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  • Hi Guys; I'm an active vintage karter (about a dozen of them) and finished a restoration on a '59 Caper Cart last year. Have run in at various vintage events on the west coast and it's been a real hit. I stay in touch with Chuck Swanson who worked with Benny Hunt on the karts and Caper Cycles.......grew-up in Walla Walla so I spent a lot of time
    hanging around the Hunt shop. After all those karts, I just picked up what I think is a Bronco (w/o engine) I'm working on it now and planning on hanging a Power Products
    AH81 of WB 580 or 700 on it.....should be a great ride. Would love to touch bases with
    any of you who are Caper or Bronco guys. jessuparchitect@msn.com
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