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    1971 Tecumseh shroud

    Looking for a Real nice 1971 HS40 Tech recoil shroud. The recoil needs to be oriented like a 1971 Rupp without the stud/ nut lighted version. Willing to trade the 1970 fender I have on for-sale plus cash plus shipping costs. I do not need any ID tag. Much appreciated if you could help...
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    Current Tecumseh Engine "Sham" on ebay

    What would be unfortunate is if someone that does not have the knowledge, buys it, then finds out it won't work. My 2 cents.
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    1970 Rupp rear fender

    NOS 1970 Rupp rear fender. Was never chrome plated from the factory. I glass beaded it and applied primer to preserve it. $68.00 shipped to you if interested. Check or money order is fine. Regards, Joe51
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    SCAMMERS. Be careful

    On the postal money order issue. Purchased an HS40 several years ago with a Postal MO. Seller would not ship it. Nor respond to several requests. What got my issue resolved quickly was writing to the attorney general of the state the seller is from. CC the seller. The engine showed up a couple...
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    Re-Chroming spoke wheels

    Hello, As far as the spokes and hub go, most likely they are zinc plated not chromed. back in the day they used a very hard wire material to make the spokes. When they got plated, they would have to bake them afterwards to remove the hydrogen from the wire. IF they did not, they could snap. A...
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    What is the name of these wheels?

    Lil Indian rims had the recess in them for a washer where the halves were bolted together. Ruttman did not.
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    ARC 6282 Billet Rod for HS50

    ARC provided me a tracking number yesterday. Shows arriving to me on Sat. CFH .... hope all works out for you.
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    What is the name of these wheels?

    These came standard on 69 up Lil Indians
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    Piston coatings

    Visited the cart racing shop that is going to bore my 71 HS40 block once my ARC rod shows up. He showed me some pistons he just got back from coating. A place called SWAIN technologies. They are literally 10 minutes from my house. Check them out on the net if you have not heard of them. Regards...
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    ARC 6282 Billet Rod for HS50

    Ordered one this past Wed. Got a call same day saying it would be machined on Monday.
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    How would you restore these 3/8 x 16 threads

    Here is what I did for my original 66 GTO hurst handle. Cut off the old threads, milled the handle top flat. Then center drilled a hole in the handle, pressed in a roll pin, center drilled a pc. of all thread and pressed it onto the roll pin. Lastly tig welded the 2 pcs. together. Contoured...
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    Rupp TT500 score. I have questions.

    On my previous Rupp 2 speeds the link and it's retaining clip on the inside chain needs to face the engine and outboard chain link/clip need to face the chain guard. If the clips are installed on the chains facing each other the chains could bind due to the lack of space between the 2 chains...
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    Rupp TT500 score. I have questions.

    Hello. Chains were close. If you remove them. pay attention to the master link orientation. On both chains. Regards, Joe51
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    1969 Lil Indian sabre all original??

    Somewhere on the site is a thread regarding those numbers. Members were collecting them to determine if they could determine build timeframes. Not sure where that ended up or if there was any rime or reason to them I do have that exact frame. I'll dig it out and see what numbers are on it. It...
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    1969 Lil Indian sabre all original??

    The handlebar mounts are welded to a plate then that plate bolts to the top of the fork plate like in your picture. That tells me that it is a late 68 or early 69 build. Sometime in 69 they got rid of the handlebar plate and welded the bar mounts directly to the fork plate. There should be a...