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  • Hi Joe,

    Someone on forum said you may have the crankshaft for an H50 65286H to sell? This is engine that came on Hilltopper mini bike. Please contact me if you do: copyman@hightechcopiers.com

    Thank you
    Joe, I need one of your mini-bike throttle brackets for an H35 Ruttman. 72-73. Do you have any available?
    I have a few in process. Heading out of town for a week in a few hours. Will contact you when I return. Regards, Joe
    Hi Joe, How are you ?
    Just wanted to ask if you got around to making the repro Tecumseh ID tags ?
    I have some engines that are missing the correct tags.
    E-mail or call me anytime.
    Thanks, Jim
    E-mail ruppking@rocketmail.com or call 763-458-2134
    Hi Joe, Interested in purchasing a couple clutch guards, Lil Indian small frame...thanks smertes01@gmail.com
    Hi Joe, I'm looking for an NOS or reproduction clutch/chain guard decal for a Lil Indian Model 700...hoping you might have something. Thanks in advance for any help.....Doug
    Hi Joe,

    OND recommended I ask you about finding or do you have a clutch cover and primary clutch for the attached photo of the Lil' Indian I picked up at the White Out 3 weeks ago?

    Do you know NY Rebel in Churchville?

    Hey Joe 51...I had asked you if you had a lighting kit for the Lil Indian 600 that you might want to sell. My email is: fischerarchitect@att.net if you would like to contact me directly.
    Thank you. John
    Hi, Joe. My name is John Fischer and I bought the Blue Lil Indian 600 that Steve restored, then sold to Kyle, who sold it to Doug, and who sold it to me. I had a Lil Indian 500 when I was 14 or 15 in the mid '60's... I have been reading some of the threads regarding the lighting kits for the Lil Indian and I thought I read where you said you had one or two NOS lighting kits. Are they for a 1966 Lil Indian, or thereabouts, and is either one of them for sale?
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