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  • Kami
    Sorry for the delay in responding to this, I don't check this part of the forum much as you can tell...
    I have almost every issue of mini bike guide and mini cycle mag.
    The time it takes to scan each mag correctly and convert each to a DVD made doing them unattractive for most members the cost was around $49.00 for each mag. If by chance you are still interested and want a specific issue PM me.
    The mag is disassembled and each page is scanned @ 300dpi and is converted to a pdf book ready to be viewed or printed for your enjoyment.
    My apologies I haven't responded sooner. (Still finding my way around here)
    My email is cufflink@tpg.com.au

    Are there also any Kami JX/JT ads in the issue that you could scan for me too please?
    many many thanks
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