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  • Hi 8ball,

    My dad and I are building Speedway mini bikes and we would like seats made. First I need a brown leather seat to match British Racing Green mini bike. I'm bulding a Speedway Scropion and I decided to make it BRG and Brown. I've never sean one this color so I figured it would look unique. Also, my dad needs a typical black seat for the 14" wheeled Speedway call the Red Baron. How much would these cost and how long to make them? We are going to post these on OldMiniBikes.com in the project log section once we have more pictures to post. What materials do you usually use and what material do you thinik would work for the tan leather seats for British racing green? Thanks Frank. BTW can you email me rather than PMing. Email is much better to share pictures , etc. my email address is hunt99@flash.net. I'm in Michigan.

    Are you still recovering seat covers? i need one done for a 1972 moto skeeter.Let me know if you have the pattern or you can cover it.thanks!

    One other thing. On the wood base the corners are rounded not squared off. I said that for me because you already know that.
    Honda im not taking anymore orders at this time. I still have a few to get done and lately ive been fighting being sick.
    Hi I have a 1969 Bonanza BC1100 (At least thats what the guy said it was that i bought it from) that doesn't have a seat at all on it. I was just wondering if you had some spare time to build me up a seat for it. Preferably a black seat with blue piping with bonanza written on the back. Let me know. I have seen your work and it looks like quality stuff. Thanks
    Hi. Are you still doing a seat cover for the Heald Super bronc?
    If so how much, just basic black with black piping? Shipped to 50322
    Hello Kenny,
    Kent Carlson ("Rawtone" on this forum) referred me to you. I have a stock (crappy) Doodlebug seat that I would like to replace with a better seat. I need a thicker one with more (and firmer) padding. Would you be interested?
    Thank you and regards,
    Michael in Duarte, CA
    Hello would you be interested in making a seat cover for my 1970 Rupp sprint Black with silver pipeing that has Rupp on the back?
    I'm ready to buy
    Kenney I need a seat cover and new foam for my mtd triflite.I asked about this before ,but forgot the price. I need your adress so i can send the cover and foam. THANKS Chris . cemk21
    Hello, I'm doing a Lil Indian and would like to get a seat for it. What do you have "instock" ? I've looked at your pics, and they all look good. Also, what would it take to have something semi custom made by you ?
    Thanks, Bill ( FantomResto@hotmail.com )
    hello, I'm looking for a seat and one of the guys on here told me that you were the guy to talk to. I have a 1970's MTD and have had no luck at all in finding a seat. What would it cost for you to make and ship one? Just a plain black seat with stitching from side to side on top, kinda like the old rup style.

    Thanks - Will Mezger
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