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    Help with Bonanza 5" Brake Drum / Sprocket

    Repro on Ebay now. Only one left. Seller is Hentcom
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    Bonanza forks

    pm sent
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    #35 Chain

    RLV Black and gold,106 links x 2. 30.00 shipped priority for both. Thanks!! Mark
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    Metal cover for torque converter?

    This cover will need to be modified to '' Fit '' The Comet brand of converters.
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    Street Moto aka "Baby Smurf"

    no pic's on my end.
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    Vintage Bonanza bc1300

    The bushings are bronze. OldMiniBikes Wharehouse sells those in the vintage mini bike section. Click Bonanza and you'll see them. Looking good so far! Cheers!! Mark
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    DB30 Resurrection from the dead. :-)

    Doing some nice work yourself phx ! Bike looks great! Andre only has one of those in stock at the moment. If it sells before you decide to buy another, give him and week or two and check again. He'll make more. Good luck with your next bug!!
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    DB30 Resurrection from the dead. :-)

    The header came from andrei-x. Price $ 68.80 shipped. I don't have that particular header but i have several others he's made for me. He does nice work! Cheers!!
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    Rupp Sprint brake back plate

    Looking for a brake back plate for a Rupp Sprint, part # 15239. Anyone?? Cheers!!
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    It's sad when people part out a survivor mini bike just to make a few bucks. JMHO

    Wow!! Look at those prices! That one guy came in there and shot everyone down, including me! lol, I hope he gets it all! Congrats ,capgun!!
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    FS Burnishing for minibike parts (pics)

    Parts look fabulous... BEAUTIFUL!! Thank You for everything Sam! :thumbsup: Cheers!
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    Bonanza WTB Rear wheel or sell out

    Don't give up yet.What it's worth all done is what someone is willing to pay for it.There's an old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure. True! Keep looking, parts will come. I will tell you that if you want to get that bike original, you will spend a lot more than 500. Cheers!
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    Bonanza WTB Rear wheel or sell out

    Check ebay often! What model Bonanza did you buy and what wheel do you have, go power or bean? There's a rear kidney bean wheel on ebay now with sprocket and incorrect brake (not Bendix) assembly and a couple sets of fenders in there as well. Got wallet? Get ready for sticker shock!!
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    Bonanza Swingarm Shaft

    Hi manchester1! Thank you for the suggestion, that's my plan B.I have some 5/8 chromoly stock I was going to use if I couldn't find a shaft except I was going to grind a flat spot on both ends and use collar locks instead of clips.It will be awhile before I need the shaft, I just finished...