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    5hp briggs will not start

    Will it start with starting fluid?
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    1969 Rupp Goat

    Pretty cool freemason badge
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    Ru-p Roadster 2 engine replacement

    Rupps usually have a longer crankshaft on the PTO side. The pinrepair website has a ton of info on converting snowblower engines over. I would never put a chinese OHV engine in a vintage minibike but lots of people do it.
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    Help! not sure if my wiring is wrong or its that the connections arent permanently secured

    Does the light work when connected to power/ground without the switch? The switch might be an issue. You say there are 3 prongs on the switch, i would test the switch with a dvom and see what positions are on/off.
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    Watched some minibike drag racing today

    Kinda thought so when you said 11k RPM. I used to spin my flathead over 10k but my engine guy said to keep it under 9 grand lol. My bike is geared for 80mph in the 1/8. No way am i going 80mph on a minibike with 6" wheels. Maybe when i was younger and braver
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    Watched some minibike drag racing today

    Are these flathead or OHV?
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    WTB Briggs Raptor III block

    What is this engine going in? If you don't mind me asking
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    Model T Go Cart

    Any pics? That sounds cool as heck
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    What a great weld job

    Nice job
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    5 HP Briggs Rebuild

    I like the stainless paint. Kimball Midwest also makes a similar product that i have used in the past with good results. Never painted an engine block with it tho
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    WTB Briggs Raptor III block

    That lifter bore area is a known weak spot on those
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    Tecumseh Engine...what is it?

    I have 2 Hs50s with H35 shrouds, so H35 shrouds will fit as well.
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    Need rear axle for my Hawg-Ty mini

    So i have to ask- if you have a lathe, and can turn down parts, can't you just make an axle?
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    Alky engine converted to gas

    I would just lose the alc carb and put a reg gas carb on it. Save the alc carb for if you want to run it, or sell it to someone who is running it.