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    need brake help

    :shrug:Hi Guys. I bought a jak pak over the weekend. It needs a few things... first it has no brake ( it uses a friction brake on a v pulley) he said I could get one through Northern supply. Any other Ideas? I will fab one if I have to. 2nd, the gas has been sitting in the tank for awhile. I...
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    just picked up a pak jak today

    200 smackers!:thumbsup:
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    just picked up a pak jak today

    Hello everyone. Just picked up a Pak Jak today at a local swap meet ( in Tucson ). the guy had it sitting in the bed of his truck and I bought it on the spot! He even deliv ered it. Motor fires up but no brake! It has all the guards but is missing the back seat support. He also had an original...
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    Pak Jak

    Just posted pics. haven't even cleaned it up yet. I also have the mesh screens for the torque converter and the chain guard screens ( not pictured ) The only obvious things it's missing is the seat back riser and the friction brake:scooter:
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  11. just purchased today 2/12/11

    just purchased today 2/12/11

    I found this today at a local swap meet in Tucson. I bought it on the spot and the guy even delivered it to me! I have a Heald mini bike I am also picking up from a friend of mine. We used to ride them together in the 70's. I sold mine and he kept his. now he's selling it to me. Life is good...
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    Pak Jak

    Picked one up today 2/12/11 I have never seen one of these until today. found one for sale at our local swapmeet ( Tucson ) and he even delivered it to my house! ( please dont hate me :-) ) I will also be acquiring a Heald minibike in the near future from a buddy of mine. we both had one in...