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  • Hi,
    How much for a gas tank simliar to the one on your drag bike?? I can send exact measurements along with pictures. Thats Shyhann
    Hello I see that you are a sprint car racer. Great sport. I have been looking for a taco frijole frame for a build project. I would like you to possibly build two for me. I am new to this site and had to have so many posts before I could PM somone. I like you work. so either email me or PM me Thanks Gaylord
    do you still make your custom gas tank for doodlebug?how much with shipping ?do you paint them?if you do how painted black?thank you
    Rob,I sent the minibike frame to get powdercoated today so I don't have a picture of it .:sadcrying4: If you have a picture of it I am sure DONZILLA would like to see your work.:thumbsup:
    Rob: Jess took the briggs appart that he got from you today, it's a raptor block, does have an arc rod, stock steel sleve bore and piston & worn stock cam, valve guides are worn, still took second at the last race. Put an arc billet flywheel on it, after the race on the 14th he's going to rebuild it.
    Hello,I understand that you build mini-bike frames? Im not looking for anything to trick,maybe something like a updated Taco 22,with a fat rear tire,room for a gx390 engine,,,and some good tubing.

    Is this something that you would want to do?,,I could bring you the parts.

    Please let me know,,Thank you for your time,Don
    what do you think about making a mini bike frame out of thick wall aluminum? like 6061 1" x .188 wall. haha. just a thought, any ideas that might make it work. i wanna try it.
    hope every thing goes well in your new shop,everyone down here is going to miss you and your talent but your not that far away so we can still run up to see you,you are goin to have to build a bike and hide it so no one will want to buy it off of you, see you soon.
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