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    5” Taco wheels

    There is a set of taco rims on eBay
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    All original sensation chopper

    Won this at an auction nice original sensation chopper
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    Hex mini bike rims 1 rear 2 front rims

    Hex mini bike rims 3 rims all together 150$ plus shipping Location: Long Island NY
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    Stellar mini bike limtco brake caliper

    All sold sorry
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    The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

    One of my latest finds micro power products NOS never used or started
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    Taco parts: brake and rims

    Taco mini bike parts, , brake, rims, . location: Long Island NY Call or text: 6318054062 120$ for the brake 160$ for the rims
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    Arctic cat prowler mini bike

    Arctic cat prowler , engine turns over freely, apart comes and goes I believe the points are dirty or something to do with the kill switch. Will need cables and chain. That’s not rust on the tank something spilt on it and got it off as much as I can for now. Location: Long Island NY price: 1000$
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    Arco mini bike project

    Arco mini bike project Location: Long Island NY 100$
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    Arco ex rider mini bike

    Arco mini bike runs haven’t used it in a while, 3.5 IC Briggs engine. Location: Long Island NY Price: 300$
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    Little petro mini bike wanted

    Little petro mini bike wanted any condition Call or text 6318054062 Too dollar paid
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    Original Skat kitty kill switch button

    Original skat kitty kill switch button goes in the top of the frame of the skat kitty minibikes 50$
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    Taco rims/brake/sprocket

    Thank you
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    Taco rims/brake/sprocket

    For a taco 55
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    Taco rims/brake/sprocket

    Wanted taco rims, brake and sprocket Call or text 6318054062 Thank you
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    Cat Hpe Minibike front and rear fenders and kick stand

    Cat front and rear fenders 200$ Cat kick stand - 100$ Call or text 6318054062