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    Hello everyone, STRANGE MINI BIKE here is it British?

    Mark IV Rogue 400 -- sidecar is probably a custom build. just my guess
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    Got the engine mounted, chain attached, jackshaft in position. Belt is positioned at 8 1/4" center to center. Mounted the voltage regulator and starter solenoid. Battery box is going just in front of the engine plate. I need to make a battery box still. I purchased a battery for a Honda Spree...
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    I went over to a buddy of mine's house to help him install a new gimble bearing for his out drive on his boat. Got back to the house and put a little more together. The green is just to be different. Lol
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    Down to the wire but starting to put things together.
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    So back from vacation and got everything settled back at home and work. Now to try and finish this bike. I ordered a battery, battery cables, and a kickstand. I painted the forks and ended up taking the paint off it. Didn't like the color. I need to figure out a different color :confused:
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    Gas Tank To TALL

    What I did on a Predator 212 with TC is slot the mounting holes on the TC then grind down a fin a little on the driven mount. Keeps the TC closer to horizontal and clears the engine plate. I think I had to make a little cutout for the muffler too.
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    Another Home Made Do It Yourself from Bicycle followed me home....

    very cool. thanks for sharing
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    Hillsdale Ride?

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    How to delete post

    you can't.
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    Is there a special tool to get fork chrome pieces of

    you can do a google image search for "adjustable pin spanner wrench"
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    Low-buck Doodlebug with Snowblower Engine

    Cool bike. Well done
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    Anything Goes! Another Dutch minibike build from scratch.

    Looks Great! I love the gas tanks
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    Width of foot-pegs; 24"?

    I have a tube I am using and It runs approximately 18 1/2" end to end.
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    Preadator 212 Stuttering when giving more than 1/4 throttle

    Maybe a defective carburetor? I'm sure the quality control isn't the best. Just a guess
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    Whirlwind rear tire = unobtanium?

    Check out a 530/4.50-6 universal tread tire. Dimensions should be about 14.7 inch diameter x 5.3 inch wide.