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    new guy

    Welcome! Looking forward to your pics.
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    Wanted, Black waffle grips

    Those are soft ones but you can still call and ask. It's funny you mention the grips being hard because I've bought a couple sets recently and they've been hard.
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    Wanted, Black waffle grips

    Frank has some soft grips, but they come with the throttle.
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    And here is the final product. It's got it's share of mistakes, but I think it turned out to be decent. I found that I don't have much patience for this sewing thing but the idea behind this build is to make everything myself.
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    A cool moment from world of wheels chicago

    Some cool pics right there. Nice bikes and thanks for sharing.
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    I got all the foam cut and shaped. I used some 3m spray adhesive to hold the layers together. Next I measured and cut the parts for the seat cover. The final part today was sewing the center stripe in between the left and right halves of the top. I used a French stitch because it looks way...
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    I need a sprocket for a BC 1000 I believe this is what you need. These were used on many mini bikes so you may have to drill holes to accommodate your specific wheel.
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    I started on the seat last night. The hardest part of this seat so far was getting my lazy butt to drive to the "Foam Factory". The place isn't open on weekends and closes at 5 during the week. Measured, cut, sanded, drilled holes and installed the t nuts in the plywood. More to come...
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    Thank you Eric.
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    Vintage 1970 Bonanza CR500 Hodaka Chopper

    Hurry up and start assembling! I can't wait to see it put together!:D Great job!
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    18 & Under Mini trike build

    Coming along nicely. I'm jealous of your welder ;). Keep up the good work!!!!!
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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    Looks like a fun bike. I like your rear fender mounts.... Well the mounts and the fenders. I've seen a few of the trike conversions that people have done and they never seem to have rear fenders. Rear fenders finish the bike nicely.
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    After I put the rear wheel together, I noticed how close the sprocket was to the tire. I looked at my original Harrison and realized that there were spacers between the sprocket and rim. I made a few spacers and put that back together. I also made the rear wheel spacers for the axle. Since I'm...
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    Hot Rod HS40-Powered Full Suspension Cat 250

    Turned out beautiful Dave. One to be proud of for sure.
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    Thank you Karen