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  • OND, I have a Lil' Indian 7000 A. I need the primary clutch and cover (shield). Do you know where I can find them?
    Hey- just posted an update on the "Tumbleweed" mini bike. Can you help me figure out where I can get some of the parts? What did you use for the front shock upper bushings and the fork bushing? Also what brake drum shoes worked for you?

    Mark ..I sent you a PM..but you can text pics to tami5@bellsouth.net
    Hey whats your email or number . Sorry my wife is out of town with the laptop. Im new to forum . Just bought my first Mini bike last week.Id Appreciate if you can post pics.

    Thanks so much!!
    Pictures would be nice please and thank you. Sorry if im posting the same stuff over and over. This is my very first time using this site/forum. Thanks

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