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  • I just got the original cable back from the custom shop. The casing overall is 45½" (including adjuster). The cable itself is (barrel to end) is 48½".
    I really like is original type lever and cable that I mentioned on the thread:
    7/8" Brake Lever & Cable (NOS)
    ... But you'd need to mod the cable with some kind of adjuster. Perhaps something this from Flanders cables: [IMG]
    I've never attempted it, so I can't say how difficult or easy this is.
    I think this cable can be made to work:
    Mini Bike, Go Kart, Lawn Mowers Parts & More |
    ... along with this lever:
    Professional Brake Lever - Fits 7/8" OD Handle Bars - AZ1731
    I sent my original to CA to use as model for custom replacement. The 58" sounds about right, but I expect mine back about Tues/Wed of next week, so then I can measure for you accurately.
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