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  • :thumbsup:Hey thanks for the tip on the shocks, I have not tried them yet but I think they will work well. I got 4 shocks thanks so much. If I can help you with your bronc let me know I have 3 broncs vt-1040, 1 tryke. 2 vt-8s, I got my 1st when I was 22 years old.:thumbsup:
    They are a little stiffer than the original shocks, but they are rubber coated and will last alot longer. Thats cool that they let you order them, I didn't know they did that.Its about an hour drive for me , but it is worth it.I bought my tires for my black Bronc there.Great prices and tons of stuff. I bought 7 Comet TAV's there a couple months ago for $179 each when you couldn't touch them for under $300 anywhere else.
    :smile:Do they work ok on that super bronc seat, oe shocks were 13" eye to eye, looking for replacement for mine super bronc, all shocks i have found to much and just not right 12" inch eye to eye, 9.00 is great prce do you think they have more
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