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    NOS Tecumseh early blower housing and H22 - H35 slant intake

    I just filed a formal complaint over that with ups…a quote is a quote….and what gives them the right to make a withdrawal from my account….oh they pissed me off….
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    Jeep2003 and friends Mini Mini Open class

    9 years old thread….may want to start a new one…just saying?!?
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    On the way…

    Another leg of this great adventure in the books….met another super dude and OldMiniBikes member, bobco…awesome and pristine collection of mini bikes, some I’ve never seen…he was way too kind and generous to an old fat guy…thanks again bud!
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    Bonanza chopper

    Damn it I just drove past that!
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    How to slow/stop rust under fenders

    Chrome or powder coat are the two that I do…
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    George 3

    Wonder what that would be….thought this was the end of the road….some grow up riding and enjoying childhood and put it away….some people never grow up….some just fade away….remember rust never sleeps….
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    CAT Slingshot and Eliminator Re-pop sissy bars

    This might be one? Not sure…
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    Pair of Bonanza frames maybe?

    Not sure on the other
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    Pair of Bonanza frames maybe?

    The one is a trail horse frame…the one with the solid plate on top….maybe a wizard
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    A nice pair of Gilson trail bikes….

    Going to be listing a rupp roadster2 soon too very nice bike….
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    A nice pair of Gilson trail bikes….

    Ok I need room they’re hanging from the ceiling….the geeen one you can have for $950…red one $1400…can deliver for a fee….
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    NOS Speedway Super Spyder Chain Slider Vary Rare

    I would think if he still had it from 2013, there would probably be a newer ad??? Just a freaking hunch!
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    CAT Slingshot and Eliminator Re-pop sissy bars

    Holy fuck no one reads dates?
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    New addition…

    Ok newest member…trying to see how many bonanzas I can fit in my garage…pretty proud of it…thanks to HavasuDave…awesome detail and quality build!
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    Seat Upholsterer

    He’s a member on here as well I’ve bought two bonanza seats from him a good quality at a good price.z