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    New to tote gotes

    I’m excited for ya pudge. If that comet doesn’t work very well or you end up doing a restoration I’ll hook you up with a small bore climbaway.
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    Tote Gotes

    I also have a 79 Honda. Tote gotes still waiting on restoration!
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    BearKat Twister

    The 8 inch and 12 inch bikes were both called twisters. They shared the same basic frame and fork. I have seen double jackshaft twisters with 12 inch wheels and even 12 rear/8 front like the TG750 but I don’t know if they sold them like that. Do you still have that clean red bike xr7gt?
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    BearKat Twister

    This twister is the single jackshaft model with 12 inch wheels. They were only built in the last year or two of production and are rarely found. I was able to upload a picture in the Bearkat section but I can’t post it here for some reason.
  5. Single jackshaft twister

    Single jackshaft twister

    Bearkat twister single jackshaft, 12 inch wheels
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    New rides entry: 1979 Honda XR80

    I have a 79 XR500 and a 90 xr80. Very cool bike!
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    Sport King Eric Bearkat Twister (Vintage Class)

    The twister is my favorite trail scooter, it is really good to see a quality restoration on one. Very nice Eric!
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    Richard that is an interesting bike you posted. At first I thought it just had a small front tire (4.80-8 instead of 5.70-8) but at closer look I think it has a 12" rear wheel. I've seen two others like this and one of those was an old video of my uncle riding. It could have been factory or...
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    Sport King Eric Bearkat Twister (Vintage Class)

    Looks good Eric but I'm wondering why you used a small front tire? I'll bet it runs good with that mikuni!
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    More pictures would be great Joseph. I was wondering if the wheelbase or gearing is different. If you look at my post of the blue 5hp bike you can see it was listed in July of 2014. I'm sure it's long gone but you could try and track it down with the phone number. I hope it didn't find the scrap...
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    The top tube bends up towards the headset in a different place. It's definitely got a lower seat height. If there's only 5 out there then it's a rare animal indeed!
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    This one was for sale in Tucson a while back. I noticed it had a small block but I didn't realize it had a special frame.