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    Azusa Mini-Bike Frame

    I have ridden azusa bikes and am 300lbs no problems.the azusa frame is small kids size I wouldnt even waste my time building one.
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    Wtv tecumseh big block throttle

    Wanted tecumseh bigblock throttle assembly all needed parts. Nos, used ,reproduction.
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    Wtb charger seat

    Want to buy ccs charger original seat.
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    Rupp c350 rear shocks

    Stock shocks will only handle kids weight I dont know your size but most adults will compress them too much.
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    Getting a 'Hot Foot" from the bikes muffle..WTH?

    The tiny hole is there to let out condensation that collects at the bottom. I have welded them up with no ill effects.
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    Help with Rear Wheel Setup

    If your one to spend some cash and just want the rim fixed the correct way, remove the tire and bearings find a local machine shop to spin the wheel in a lathe to cut the old sprocket off the hub then buy a new sprocket and have them machine the sprocket hole the correct size and weld it on...
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    MBX10 Seat

    I have done this but long ago. I think I just cut the tabs off the bottom of the seats plastic structure then marked the holes. Drilled and inserted metal threaded inserts into the plastic. Its not exact shape but close enough to work.
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    Hemi 212cc Predator Increased Compression Clearances

    Some results may mamba jr, .20 longer rod, .20 off head surface, and steel .oo9 head gasket No ptv clearance problems on 3 hemi duplicate engines checked with clay. I would say without any doubt a stock head would clear with a metal gasket and this combo.
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    First timers!

    Used a conduit bender on 15 doodlebugs I have built .just put the bender so the hooks up top and the open part rests on the horizontal upper mount the neck bolt goes through. Gonna need 2 to sit on the bike and guide the bars and bike from falling and bars from twisting inward..
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    Anyone go to Busco Beach?

    Went with my brother and my buddy. We rode saturday and all day sunday after everyone else left. Sunday was much better started drying out.
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    Adding strong foot pegs?

    Theres no problem welding new pegs to a db or ct frame. The tubings plenty strong. Im 300lbs and never broke anything. Just make a new mount and use dirtbike pegs.
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    Mikuni fake vm22 fuel overflow question.

    On a stock carb I can pretty much tilt the bike upside down and fuel stays in the carb. I upgraded to a vm22 and when I unload the bike out my truck gas comes pouring out. Float adjustment or nature of the Chinese beast.
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    Stock 212 pushrod strength?

    Anyone have any problems with the stock pushrods. What is there breaking point. And when to upgrade to chromoly.
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    new guy

    move the engine foward to remove slack
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    new guy

    Loosen that tensioner,flop it downward. Remove links from chain. Pulltensioner up after chain is as tight as you can get it.