2 stroke

  1. cdoublejj

    Rupp / Fuji / Gemini 80cc crank removal and seals? ( Fuji 80 F480 )

    anyone know how i can get the clutch end off the crankshaft? it's all round and smoot, no slots or bolts. idk if it's threaded on or pressed on. FI i can get it off. can i get crank seals for it? EDIT: Fuji 80 F480 EDIT: in fact i could probably use a whole manual. looks like i may need tools?
  2. D

    Need Gemini SST50 parts

    I am looking for the following parts: seat or pan air filter assembly. I need both caps Clutch and front brake levers Does anyone know if I can use the seat from a z50 instead? Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. B

    Another What is this

    Im thinking of buying this, but was curious as to what it is.. seems to have a small 2 stroke motor, the frame is different from most vintage bikes, Ive seen. Any help identifying is appreciated.
  4. Acolytus

    Vintage Enduros

    Hey guys, I know this is not necessarily about "mini bikes", but it's still resembles them in a way. Sooner or later I'm looking into buying a vintage enduro bike of some type. I want a vintage bike for a few reasons: 1) They are very durable and they were practically made to be bulletproof. 2)...
  5. Timmahhhhh

    80cc Motorized Bicycle Engine

    Has anyone used a motorized bicycle 2-stroke 80cc engine on a mini bike? I have one just sitting around my garage and can't seem to control my curiosity. Mine came from KingsMotorBikes. How many hp do these things make? They are rather persnickety things to keep running-is there a secret to...