1. J

    chain and sprocket size 41, 40, 420, 428

    I bet this has been beat to death on here, but I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. From what I can tell all sprockets marked #40 are not the same. 40 and 41 are the same pitch but different width. 2 sprockets I have are marked "40" but are thinner, I think to fit 41 chain...
  2. Joe-405

    428 chain sprocket for 1.25" axle

    Im using the mini cup tire and can't find any 428 sprockets to fit the 1.25" axle assembly. Any ideas ?? And I'm needing around the mid 50's on tooth count. And thanks ! Only one I can find is off a Chinese taotao scooter and the bolt pattern dont match up to any hubs I can find.