1. chicodafreako

    explorer trike for sale in michigan $600

  2. Eliminator

    2 FOX Spoilers for sale, package deal $600

    Selling a couple of FOX spoilers as a package. The complete one is stock other than someone put a float carb on it at some point. Intact jack shafts on both and the complete one appears to have original clutch and 2 piece guard as well as number plates and exhaust. The making of 3 rear brakes...
  3. MTchevy1

    Trike in WI for $600

    Not sure if this is still available as it's a few days old, but figured I'd post it anyway just in case someone's looking for one and he still has it. Vintage Trike/ Sport Cycle ? For Sale! Vintage 70's Trike. 11 Horsepower Briggs Motor. Forward & Reverse Gear Box. Runs Great!! Must...