1. S

    Ordered a set of DB forks to spring them and add better bars!

    Today I ordered a set of new DB forks! I have been threatening to add springs using spring cups and springs and lowers from some Arco forks with badly bent bars! I will liberate the cups by cutting them slightly above the welds on the upper tripple tree and carefully remove the extra material...
  2. N

    ruttman seat and bars!

    I am currently in the market for a seat and correct handle bars for a 1968 ruttman judge.The bike is going in for sandblasting and a pro repaint next week!Looking for era correct parts.Thanx for any info!...Noel29
  3. Glenn

    Mini with Folding Handle Bars! Please help identify.

    Hi Guys, Here is a snap-shot of our Mini that we have had for more years than I can remember. Today my youngest son, now 22 and I decided to try and identify it. So I'm turning to your expertise for help. If you need more information, let me know and I'll do what I can. Thank You...
  4. G

    Look mom,, no bars!

    Spotted this today on CL. Needs a Briggs though.:laugh: Wheelman!! Best Recreational Vehicle Out there!! YouTube - Wheelman - Featured on Hacked Gadgets YouTube - Wheelman - Featured on Hacked Gadgets
  5. Jimbo

    Need: Scat Cat handle bars!

    I am in need of some Scat Cat handle bars. These are the individually mounted type like seen on the "minidoodle minibike" page below. They are the ones on the red AYT 660 at the bottom of the page. SCAT CAT Thanks for any help tracking these down. Jimbo