chain tensioner

  1. D

    Block mounted tensioner / spring loaded tensioner / sprocket guard

    I recently finished my build, and during multiple hard rides with the stock motovox tensioner my chain would come off (happens while doing burnouts smoking the back tire). It eventually made 1 of the #35 links twist & break off. I decided against adding a spring loaded tensioner at the stock...
  2. M

    Chain Tensioner

    Hi there, Any ideas on a chain tensioner for a doodlebug? Did the stock one have a spring? If not, how does it tighten the chain when needed? Maybe it didn't? I'm wondering what people are using out there. Thank you! -Bill
  3. chables

    ideas for chain tensioner

    I bought an idler sprocket for my doodlebug,because it didnt have the original tensioner.should the sprocket be on a spring loaded arm or do i have to have it stationary? Any ideas ,examples,or pictures of completed projects would be very helpful .thanks
  4. puma

    Chain Tensioner part 2

    Modified chain tensioner using skate board parts and added a spring. Seems to be working.