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    Amusment GoKart to Dirt Conversion.

    Ok, so I got my Kart all stripped down ready to get some bigger tires for it. What I need to know is if anybody has converted a ammusment kart over to a dirt kart, and if the experience was worth it. I think I can use the stock rims and maybe just fit larger tires to them. I also know I will...
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    Commuter 3 to 2 conversion.

    So I found that my Commuter needs a bit of work, so I was thinking about maybe doing a 2 wheeler conversion on. It looks like it would be the easiest conversion ever based off the frame and rear end setup. The clutch belts are real hard to find for these so maybe it would work out for the best.
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    6 HP intek carb conversion.

    First off, I'm new to the forum and been doing tons of research here and found lot's of great info. What I have is a 6 HP intek with stock animal cam, 18 lb springs, governor removed, uni filter and open header, custom intake with 6.5 HP H.F. clone carb thats new with #90 main jet. I haven't...