1. IMG_0578.JPG


    The chrome plating shop will love me, if I decide to restore.
  2. K

    Rusty, Crusty Bonanza

    Just got it home. Have not had time to mess with it . It does appear to be an original Hodaka bike. I stood it up on the back wheel could not see any evidence of another engine being mounted . But I did find that the exhaust was full of walnut shells:scared:. Has a couple of previous owner add...
  3. 125ccCrazy

    My crusty $75 Tri Sport 340

    picked this up over the weekend, guy orig wanted $250 but that was not even an option for me, after looking it over and nearly going back home I asked what he would have to have today for it, it thought about and said $75, he has been cutting grass around it all summer...supposedly his Dad...