1. T-Town Mini

    The Official Pinewood Derby Thread

    This thread is intended for all things Pinewood Derby. Post your best tips/hints/advice, etc. for constructing a Pinewood Derby car here. Feel free to post photos of examples including: derby cars, tracks, trophies, best designs, wildest creations, family & friends...whatever, as long as it's...
  2. 45t

    Another Pinewood Derby Thread - Districts!

    I know, not another Pinewood Derby Thread, but I just had to share my son's District race experience. He won fastest car in his Pack race in January which sent him to District races this past weekend. There were 170 cars represented at Districts this year. When he raced, He won all 4 heats in...
  3. MB165

    pinewood derby win

    This years pinewood derby was a few months early, to boost up membership numbers we merged with another pack. We made a simple wedge with tungsten weight in a precise location, right at 5.00 ounces. I trued up the wheels on my drill press with some sandpaper wrapped around a file, leaving at...
  4. Tom S.

    Any Roller Derby Fans?

    Does anyone remember seeing roller derby on TV back in the day? Teams would tear around banked track, bumping and slugging along the way. It's back, and a pretty big deal here in the northwest. My wife and I went to a match last weekend after the Star Trek event, and we saw Portland play...
  5. 45t

    Pinewood Derby today

    My son's first Pinewood Derby is today. He is real excited for his first race. We tested and tuned last night and his car did well and won all the test races against the other cars that showed up for the test session. We built 3 cars to try out. I originally wanted to get fancy and build a...
  6. KustomKartKid

    VINTAGE Fun Karts, Sidewalk Racers, Push Karts, Pedal Cars & Other Contraptions

    Here's the place for all those "odd ball" contraptions, powered or un-powered, that ruled the sidewalks of our youth...... not to be confused with the Freak Kart thread...vintage only here..:hammer:
  7. MB165

    Pinewood derby results.... Thanks for the advice Guys

    My boy had his first pinewood derby today (tigercub). He is a big fan of the cars movies so TowMater was his car. I let him sand most of it and paint some. A six year old with a spray bomb=watchout! The weight was placed far back, the wheelbase was extended and axles trued. He started out and...
  8. MB165

    need advice on making some Pinewood derby cars

    Hey gang, My kids and I are getting ready to make some pinewood derby cars. He's got to do most of his by himself, but there is a adult class too, so I want to make one for myself and my daughter. Anybody have some designs they care to share or post up? I need some inspiration. Any tricks or...
  9. PatrickCraik

    Derby Hill Detroit

    First time there on a mini yesterday,great time. Went there once or twice as a kid in the 60's for soap box derby races,didn't even know it still existed. Some schmuck drove his truck around the velodrome,I now know why the concrete is cracked so bad. Had a lot fun,looking forward to going back...
  10. n58591

    Soap Box Derby Wheels?

    I need some wheels for a soap box derby car. I think they need to be hard tires, the bigger the better and fit a 5/8 spindle. Does anyone have any ideas?