1. Spoildface

    Predator 212cc to generate electricity.

    Ok everyone I am making another custom minibike. Welding a frame, fabricating parts, you know. Anyways I am planning on putting on lights and a horn, and want to get it registered. However, I can't just keep changing out batterys and I want to be able to drive without fear of dying. So my...
  2. The Restore Kid

    FREE electricity from propane heaters

    HOW the hell does that work? :shrug: I'm lookin at this stupid heater, it's got a basic on/off switch, OR you can wire your two wires rite here and hook up your thermostat... Doesn't show where to put any power INTO the unit.. evidently the regulator control valve unit just creates electricity...
  3. S


    So I couldnt find any other posts with the info I need, i have a 12V battery and I want to hook up 2 headlights connected to the same switch.. I mostly know hat Im doing, but here are my questions: Where can I find some cool inexpensive headlights? My battery doesnt say the amperage.. Just...