1. danford1

    What kind of shocks are these? Oil filled?

    What kind of shocks are these? Are they oil filled? They look like they could be oil filled plus they don't pogo stick and aren't bouncy like other minibike shocks. They are on a Wards 525 but I don't know if they are original to it or added on. They measure about 12 3/8" eye to eye. Thanks Danford1
  2. jeep4me

    Oil filled shocks....Tote Gote Style

    Decent set of tote gote style shocks. One shock has a dent in the side casing. 11 3/4" eye to eye. Asking $35 plus shipping. PayPal preferred, include the fees or send as a friend.
  3. K

    APC mini chopper

    Just bought a used bike. Can I get a service manual or at least a wiring diagram? Also. there is a plug on top of the clutch housing. Is that supposed to be filled with fluid.
  4. Jamie1972

    2015 Jamie1972 vintage class Manco Trailcat build off

    With three kids under the age of three! And a new job, I don't know if I will get this build off done by May? But we will see how it goes! Good luck everybody!
  5. mmisterbungl

    The day of the Tecompshe filled go karts

    Another one. This is an H30. too bad it's a 5/8" shaft :doah: Go-Cart 3HP
  6. joshhoward

    Mercury filled clutch

    Well after looking at Teeks old school unknown minibike. I brought mine up from the chicken coop. I also pulled out a small 2.5hp Tecumseh and old belt driven clutch my old buddy gave me around 4 years ago. He gave me the clutch and a 1942 Briggs model N. He said he bought it new in the 40s for...