1. jeep4me

    8hp Briggs Up Draft Carb

    Pulled this carb off from a running 8hp Briggs engine. Engine went to the scrap yard cuz it leaked oil like crazy. Asking $25 plus $8 shipping. PayPal preferred. Include the 3% fees or send as a gift.
  2. Rupp_It_Up

    1972 Speedway Green Horn - Parts Bike

    This an Speedway Green Horn parts bike I got on a trade. Just about everything is there to make a complete roller. It's a great bike for a rider or go all the way & restore it. I will include a photo copy of the parts manual (not shown in picture) & will include a set of gas tank decals...
  3. Not so mini bike

    Parts sale

    I have two manco/bird/sears gas tanks. One is all black and good shape. Looks to be wrong gas cap. Asking $25 The other needs to be painted and ok shape. Asking $18 Both have no holes or leaks. Also I have a 40 series comet driven in good shape. Asking $35 Price do not include shipping.