1. J

    bonanza find at mansfield mass swap meet

    Picked this up 2 weeks ago. I recognized the wheels and the frame looked like a scout. cost was very reasonable and it runs. The engine is a hybrid of parts and the brakes do not work well. the tires needed 2 tubes which i did today and i got the brake pads on order from OldMiniBikes. the seat might be...
  2. Rupp_It_Up

    Rupp_It_Up - Mansfield Enduro R/S - (Vintage Class)

    Here's a last minute entry for a Rupp/Speedway Enduro. The plan is to use a Rupp frame with a Speedway fork and 14" Speedway wheels. There will be several alterations to make it all fit together including a stretched swingarm and modified fork neck.
  3. K

    Rupp Tri Rod Mansfield CL $895

    Looks pretty darn good to me....